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Virofresh technology helps provide antiviral protection for a more hygienic nights sleep.

Their game changing anti microbial technology kills 99.9% of bacterial and viruses on contact.

Enjoy a mattress that’s fresh, clean, and practically germ free.

Virofresh technology has high oxidation properties and works by fragmenting the external structures of viruses, ultimately breaking them down and killing them. It uses silver icons and visicles to neutralise viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the fabric surface, providing a cleaner sleeping environment.

The best in modern sleep technology and latest materials.

Are you looking for a mattress that boasts both hypoallergenic qualities and good temperature control?

Our innovative Gel Superb 2000 features Sensifil™ smart fibres which are ideal for those concerned with optimising health and well-being when asleep. This mattress can also help regulate your body temperature throughout the night thanks to the Staycool™ gel which additionally leaves you with that all important floating feeling – dreamy!

Higher level of support

A supportive layer of reflex foam evenly spreads body weight and can help reduce pressure points whilst sleeping. Great for side sleepers.

Staycool™ Gel

Provides pressure sensitive support that immediately responds to your body shape and helps regulate body temperature.

Comfort and support for all body shapes

2000 individual pocket springs that independently contour to suit your body shape and weight for ultimate comfort and support.

Staycool™ Gel

Finish your day in ultimate relaxation with the Gel Superb 2000 mattress that is guaranteed to give you a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.