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How will the Memory Plus 1000 feel?

The Memory Plus 1000 mattress is rated as medium, which will provide an all-around balanced feeling but with the desired firmness to feel fully supported.

What is the guarantee period?

This mattress has a 5 year guarantee period when bought on its own. Divans and mattresses bought together will have a 7 year guarantee period.

Is bigger better when it comes to selecting a bed?

Yes! You can move up to 60-70 times a night, which can be disruptive for your sleeping partner. We suggest purchasing the biggest bed that fits your sleeping space and budget.

Can I buy a new mattress to be used on an existing divan base?

An old divan base with a worn spring system won’t offer you and your mattress the support it needs. It could wear your new mattress out prematurely, so we always recommend buying a new mattress and divan base together.

Divan storage options

Save space with our selection of divan beds with storage options.

Bed Base Options

Sleepeezee Memory Plus 1000 Mattress

Price from: £399.00


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PRODUCT 3′ 4′ 4’6″ 5′ 6′ Zip & Link
2 Draw Set
£598.00 £848.00 £848.00 £948.00 n/a n/a
4 Draw Set
n/a £869.00 £869.00 £969.00 £1169.00 £0.00
Mattress Only
£399.00 £549.00 £549.00 £599.00 £699.00 £0.00

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The Reflect Memory Plus 1000 is a beautifully comfortable mattress. Featuring traditional craftsmanship and modern materials, this mattress offers a contemporary sleeping experience. Thick layers of memory foam and pocketed springs result in a medium firm mattress.

  • Material – Synthetic
  • Firmness – Medium
  • Temperature – Regulating
  • Turn – No Turn


A padded pillow top creates opulent comfort whilst supporting beneath with a generous layer of memory foam and 1000 pocketed springs. Finished with a delightfully soft knitted tick fabric which protects the contents of the mattress.


A memory foam layer adapts to your body, contouring effortlessly to your sleeping position. White fibre filling has hypoallergenic properties, so is an ideal mattress filling for those with any concerns about setting off their allergies.

1. Thick Pillow Top

Featuring thick layers of white fibre filling and memory foam for responsive support.

2. Memory Foam Layer

A deep memory foam layer adapts to your sleeping position and provides cushioning in the right places.

3. White Fibre

Synthetic white fibre filling provides hypoallergenic support and cushions movement of springs.

4. 1000 Springs

1000 pocket springs individually adjust and support you as you sleep, helping reduce pressure on your joints.

  • Made In The UK
  • Memory Foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5 Year Guarantee