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The Pocket Adjustable Electric Bed features 1000 premium quality pocketed springs which work independently to provide and maintain perfect support, even as the bed glides to your preferred position.

Electric adjustable beds allow independent adjustment of your back, shoulders, neck, calves and feet. This means the right amount of support and comfort for watching TV, reading, writing, breakfasting or just relaxing. The ability to adjust sleeping position is also recognised as a benefit to people who have to spend long periods of time in bed, such as those who suffer from back or joint problems, circulatory problems or for people with physical disabilities.

Mattress Tension: Medium

Features & Benefits:

1000 Pocket Springs – The pocket spring system is the best at providing individual support to the sleeper. The upper part of the spring shapes to the body contours while the lower part absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support. As a rule of thumb the higher the number of individual springs, the more support will be provided to the sleeper. The springs work independently to avoid roll together.

Wool Layer – Wool is used in this mattress as a soft and insulating upholstery layer for added comfort. Wool is a natural insulator providing coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Offering superb comfort, it also has hydroscopic properties encouraging the evaporation of body moisture.

Cool Comfort Technology – Material used on the mattress cover is designed to keep individuals comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you get too hot and then release it back into the environment when you cool down. This material protects against overheating by balancing temperature swings that cause a restless nights sleep.

Hand-Tufted – The traditional method of mattress upholstery where the fillings are secured with tufts from the top of the mattress to the bottom to ensure all loose fillings are secured to provide the perfect finish.

Soft Knit Cover – Upholstered in a soft knit cover which has enhanced cooling properties and moisture management system.

Flag-stitched Handles – Handles on both sides for ease of positioning.

Chrome Side Air vents – The air vents ensure that the mattress breaths and maintains a fresh and dry sleeping environment.

Easy Care – No need to turn, but regular rotation from head to toe will extend the mattresses life span.

Suitable for users up to 18 stone.

Adjustable Base:

  • Corded hand set with battery back up.
  • 28 inset beech slatted units.
  • 5 section electric adjustable option, which offers a wide range of actions, including a knee-bend and a telescopic head setting.
  • Weight adjusters.
  • Available in 10 lovely fabrics.


Mattress Height – 22cm
Divan Height with Storage – 38cm
Divan Height with No Storage – 33cm

Sleepeezee Guarantee

Take advantage of Sleepeezee’s many years of bed making experience with their Peace of Mind 5 year Guarantee on all bed sets and mattresses and a 2 year guarantee on motors and handsets.